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Robotic AI
Handles daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping with our GPT-driven RPA
Robotic AI Bookkeeper

How Does the Robotic AI Bookkeeper Work?

Step 1
Setup and Synchronization
To start with, you decide the frequency of bookkeeping activity - whether you want it daily, weekly, or monthly. Once set, our Robotic AI Bookkeeper gets into action. It integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks Online account, syncing your company's bank accounts and credit card feeds.
Step 2
Transaction Review
The Robotic AI reviews your bank feeds on the chosen frequency. It handles all incoming transactions, from sales to expenses, ensuring that every transaction hitting your company's bank accounts and credit cards gets automatically coded to the appropriate general ledger account. It employs AI models fine-tuned by historical business files to get this job done with maximum accuracy.
Step 3
Human-Assisted Categorization
In cases where transaction categorization isn't clear-cut, the Robotic AI Bookkeeper doesn't guess. Instead, it asks for help. It will send a request to you or your bookkeeper asking for clarification or additional details to correctly categorize the transaction.
Step 4
Learning and Improving
Each time you provide input for an unclear categorization case, the AI Bookkeeper learns from it. It uses your responses to continually train and improve its categorization ability. This ensures that over time, it will require less input from you, and its accuracy will improve.
Step 5
Transparent Workflow with Detailed Log
Throughout the entire process, the Robotic AI Bookkeeper maintains a detailed trail log. This transparency lets you see what it's working on, what it’s learned, and how it's categorizing your transactions. It's like having an always-on, fully transparent bookkeeper for your business.

This Robotic AI Bookkeeper ensures that your books are consistently up-to-date, accurate, and organized, freeing you from mundane bookkeeping tasks and letting you focus on what you do best - running your business.

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For Business Owners
Save Time
Focus on your core business activities while our Robotic AI Bookkeeper handles daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping tasks.
Reduce Errors
Ensure accurate and reliable financial records with AI-powered transaction categorization.
Efficient Collaboration
Seamlessly communicate with your bookkeeper or accounting firm through our user-friendly platform.
For Accounting Firms
Streamlined Workflow
Automate repetitive bookkeeping tasks and devote more time to high-value services for your clients.
Continuous Improvement
Train and refine the AI system to become more efficient and accurate over time, providing a tailored solution for each client.
Enhanced Client Communication
Improve client interactions with a transparent workflow activity log and efficient collaboration tools.

Ready to Simplify Your Bookkeeping Experience?

Don't let tedious bookkeeping tasks hold you back. Embrace the power of AI and automation to enhance your financial management and drive your business forward. Start enjoying the benefits of our Robotic AI Bookkeeper for QuickBooks Online today!
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