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Kustov & Associates is more than just your accountant, it’s your competitive edge!

Kustov and Associates team understand that communicating with clients it’s inevitable part of Bookkeeper’s workflow. And the most time-consuming: > When Bookkeeper asks about transactions from a client, even with today’s emails and spreadsheets, it still takes a lot of time >
Dmitry Kustov, CPA and CEO of Kustov & Associates
Dmitriy also shared some other insights and thoughts about pain points associated with client’s communication: > It’s not enough just to record the transaction. All the decisions must be supported by written evidence >
CEO of Kustov & Associates
Being committed to ensuring his team members and clients are happy, he finds a technology partner like Booke AI that helps to eliminate 80% of the bookkeeper’s daily routine and spreadsheet-dance with the clients, a perfect fit he was looking for: > With Booke it’s… BAAAAM! > All of the steps are done at once, > all are saved in one place for easy access in the future. > We use it everyday in our CPA practice. It’s very efficient >
CEO of Kustov & Associates
Kustov & Associates
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Services: Financial Statements Reviews, Audits, Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Advisory
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