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Real-Time OCR AI Document Data Extraction
Accelerate your bookkeeping workflow with Booke's real-time OCR AI data extraction from invoices, bills and receipts, making transaction processing a breeze.
Automated Invoice Processing
Get your vendor invoices processed and recorded in seconds
  • Booke can easily fetch invoices from different places, like emails
  • It uses smart OCR AI and GPT-4 to quickly read and understand invoices, no matter how they look or what language they're in
  • Once it gets the info, Booke puts it straight into your QuickBooks, Xero or Zoho Books, making everything neat and organized
Simplified Cloud Document Management
Say goodbye to the hassle of manual paperwork filing
  • Work together smoothly with features like comments, team chat, sticky notes, and tags
  • Forget about the clutter of physical files – keep your documents safe and secure online
  • Find invoices, receipts, and other documents easily whenever you need them

Machine Learning for Custom Templates

Let Booke AI adapt to your unique document templates, continually enhancing the accuracy of data captured with each interaction.

Tax Rates Auto-fill

Automate your tax calculations effortlessly. Booke syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero and Zoho Books, auto-filling tax rates on your documents. Additionally, enjoy the feature to split taxes as per your requirements, ensuring precise tax computations every time.

Confidence Level Indicator

Enjoy peace of mind with a visible confidence level indicator for every OCR AI auto-filled field, affirming the accuracy of captured data.

Multi-language and Currency Support

Cater to global clients effortlessly with Booke's OCR AI support for multiple languages and currencies, simplifying cross-border transactions.

Automate Your Bookkeeping with Booke's AI Technology
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