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Nick Volchetskiy
CPA, No Stress Accounting
After 3 weeks of using Booke: we don’t need to chase out clients anymore and my business grow up from 120 to more than 200 clients now.
Emily Johnson
Certified Bookkeeper
Booke AI is a total game-changer for my bookkeeping. The AI stuff and how it works with Xero is just amazing. Month-end closing? Way smoother now. Talking to clients? Way easier. You gotta try it!
Mark Wilson
Professional Bookkeeper
The browser extension is awesome for chatting with clients in QuickBooks and getting the info I need. Huge time saver! Can't wait to see what they come up with next!
Lisa Brown
Financial Consultant
This bookkeeping tool is pretty good with AI automation and catching errors. Just wish it had better analytics and caught some more mistakes. Still, it's made a big difference in my work!
Andrew Martinez
Certified Bookkeeper
My bookkeeping life has become way easier, especially with QuickBooks, thanks to this tool. The browser extension is pretty cool for talking to clients. Just a few small tweaks and it'll be perfect!
Dmitriy Kustov
CPA and CEO of Kustov and Associates, Inc
With Booke it’s … BAAAAAM! It’s very efficient! All is saved on one place for easy access in the future.
Monica Adams
Financial Consultant
This bookkeeping tool with AI features has seriously helped me streamline my work. The automation is great, but I'd love to see some better error detection. I've still managed to save around 40% of my time on tasks, though!
Karen White
Professional Bookkeeper
This AI-powered bookkeeping tool is pure magic! It works like a charm with Xero, automating so many tasks and saving me a ton of time. I've cut my month-end closing time by at least 50%. You have to give it a try!
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