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No Stress Accounting strives to provide services to their clients by eliminating stress associated with the accounting and taxes.

CPAs and Bookkeepers at No Stress Accounting know pretty well all the pain points that every accountant and bookkeeper has to face on a daily basis: > This is how an Accountants average day looks like: hundreds of unread emails, many calls to clients, a couple personal meetings a day. It’s just to find out what the banking transactions were for >
Nick Medvedev, Bookkeeper at NSA
That’s why the Nick always tries to find great solutions to optimize the accountants’ daily routine and improve the performance as well as the quality of the services provided: > Over the last 10 years I’ve tried lots of different solutions available on the market but none of them improved the situation >
Nick Volchetsliy, CPA and CEO of NSA
Because he is running a firm that's focused on providing a human-centric service to their clients, Nick needed a solution that would help elevate their client-facing processes: > After 3 weeks of use the results were amazing: > we don’t need to chase our clients anymore > AI autocategorization saves my team a couple hours a day and, as a result, P&L is error-free. > My Business grew up from 120 to more than 200 now >
No Stress Accounting
About No Stress Accounting
Services: Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Advisory
Platforms: Xero, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Firm Size: 2-10 Employees