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Streamline your bookkeeping in Zoho Books
with an AI-driven single app
Booke leverages AI to fix uncategorized transactions and coding errors, better communicate with clients, and automate more of your work.
Booke AI

AI Automation for Effortless Month-end Close

Experience increased efficiency, reduced stress and effortless resolution of uncategorized transactions and coding errors with Booke's AI-powered automation.
Real-Time Document Data Extraction
Harness the power of real-time OCR AI to extract data from invoices, bills and receipts, accelerating your transaction processing and saving you precious time.
GPT-4 driven categorization learns each and every time.
Spend less time on manual transactions categorization. Booke becomes more accurate and reliable the more you use it.
Eliminate Back-and-Forth Communication with Our Client Portal
Streamline your collaboration with clients and get faster responses with our user-friendly portal, which offers comprehensive features both on browser and mobile app.
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Super Accurate Books with Error Detection at Your Fingertips
Effortlessly find and fix errors in your bookkeeping with our advanced error detection technology.
Improve Your Client Communication with Less Calls and Emails
Keep your clients happy and your business running smoothly with our efficient communication tools.

Automate more, and save!

Save at least 2 hours per client per month!
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